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May in the Garden!
The warmer weather sure has been a long-time coming this year, but it's finally here! It's time to get outside and play and get ready for the summer.
- Time to plant peas and greens -spinach, lettuces and kale prefer the cooler weather.
- Wait until about mid-month or so (considering how cool it has been) before planting the cool season crops like beets, carrots, chard, potatoes and onions. 
- Take another walk around the garden and look for any dead or damaged branches on small trees and shrubs and remove or prune them now. Check for any needed fence repairs too.
- Start some of the warm season melons, squashes and cucumbers inside now so they're ready for June 1. Remember to use fibre pots that go right in the ground - they don't like to have their roots disturbed.
- Pansies are available now - bring in some bright, spring colour.
- Plant summer bulbs and rose bushes.
- If there's a few days of rain in the forecast, overseed and fertilize the lawn.
 - Add compost to beds that need a little help.
- Clean up or replace mulch. 
- Start pulling weeds before they go to seed...(always weeding!). Removing them early also stops them from competing for the water and nutrients the plants need.
- Divide any overgrown or crowded perennials.
- Plant trees, shrubs and any new perennials you are adding to the landscape. Keep them well watered to promote strong roots. 
- Clean out the pond, by the end of the month you can add water annuals. And get the pumps up and running for any other water features. 
- Clean out gutters so that spring rain water flows well. 
- Get that rain barrel ready.
- Resist the temptation to plant your heat-loving annuals until the end of the month. We may still have a frost or two. For those that follow the planting moon - it's not until May 29 this year.
- Treat yourself to one new and intersesting (and native!) plant this year.
- Is the lawn mower ready? Zoom Zoom. Here we go!

    When the Peepers Peep, Plant your Peas!









Ok, so what is a peeper, why does it peep, and what does that have to do with peas?
Spring Peepers are like Robins - they're a sure sign that the season we all wait for is right around the corner. 
Peepers ( Pseudacris crucifer) are a nocturnal, brown frog, 1.5" long, sport large toe pads for climbing and are found in woodland areas and grassy spots near ponds and swamps, but overall prefer the loose debris of the forest floor.
Marked with a dark "X" on their backs, but often hard to see, when you hear their nighttime chirpy chorus, they're saying, "it's time to get the peas in the ground".
Chirping only at night, they bring forth a short, high-pitched call individually, but when chirping as a group present a sound simliar to sleigh bells. They are also the first frogs to announce the start of the spring season.
You will start to hear peepers late March or early/mid April - the perfect time to get your peas in the ground. Peas typically take around 60 days to maturity and do prefer the cooler weather. You'll be harvesting them in June, just in time to replace those spent vines with winter squash or zucchini.