Your Questions...

Q -  What does determinate and indeterminate mean for tomatoes?

A - Determinate tomatoes (usually bush plants) grow to a defined height and stop once the fruits begin to develop. All of the tomatoes develop at the same time, usually over a 2-week period. Determinate tomatoes need little, if any, staking and are suitable for containers. Indeterminate will continue to grow and produce fruit until the frost hits - all season long. Some can reach heights of 6-feet or  more, so be sure to stake indeterminates or use tomato cages.

Q - My cucumbers never grow, what can I do?

A - Might be a few reasons for that. Cucumbers do not like having their roots disturbed, so if you start them inside, 3-4 weeks before the final frost, use the fibre pots so the pot and plant can go right in the garden. Cucumbers need plenty of water, and do not like cool temperatures - when getting ready to plant, wait a week after the last frost to be safe. Cucumber seed can also be sowed directly in the ground once the frost is over - they'll grow fast. Cucumbers are also heavy feeders, so add plenty of compost when planting. If space is limited, consider growing your cucumbers "up" - add a trellis or create a teepee using bamboo stakes (any vining veg can grow "up" - squash, melons, zucchini, etc. - just make sure there is something for the tiny tendrils to grasp on their way).